Map of the Race Course

Blue – The race course, starting at Lazarre Park in West Monroe (north end), and ending at Riverton Park (south end). Ouachita 28 begins at the Logtown Ramp, which is on the east side of the river. Logtown is the only public access on the side.

Green – Quickest route from start to finish. Runs primarily along US 165 on the east side of the river, with both the Logtown Ramp and Riverton Park only a mile from the highway.

Red – Much longer route along the west side of the river. Many curves, hills, and road changes. But Bawcomville and Prairion Ramps can only be reached from the west side. Also, there are some other possible access points (edge of road, etc.) downstream of Prairion.


Race Map with Coordinates

Race Map


Map of Finish

Posted on January 9, 2019 at 11:31 am

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