Native American Two-Day Tour

This self-guided two-day tour includes the  American World Heritage Site: Poverty Point  State Historic Park and other area attractions: Poverty Point Reservoir State Park, the State Cotton Museum, Black Bear Golf Course and Panola Pepper Company. The guide also includes recommendations on lodging and places to eat.

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Indian Mounds of Northeast Louisiana – a driving trail guide

Louisiana has the oldest earthen mounds in North America, even older than Stonehenge or the Great Pyramids. Through the Division of Archaeology, Office of Cultural Development, the Ancient Mounds Heritage Area and Trails Initiative continue Louisiana’s commitment to preserving our cultural heritage — with a twist.

Privately owned mound sites are knitted together to create four self-guided tours in northeast Louisiana. Visitors can view as many as 39 mound sites that span 5,000 years of history. From this booklet and the roadside marker at each site, you will learn about dome-shaped, conical, and platform mounds, as well as ridges and enclosures, all of which you can see on the Trail.

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Mississippi River Trail

Although you won’t find much white water in Mississippi or Louisiana, you will encounter some beautiful scenery and plentiful wildlife while paddling our waterways. Many creeks, streams, bayous and rivers in both the Mississippi and Louisiana deltas are lined by deep woods that are home to a variety of plant and animal life. Birding from a kayak or canoe take on an entirely new dimension. Paddle the Miss-Lou and discover a new perspective on our region. The best time to paddle is during the spring or fall. Water  levels are generally high enough in the summer to paddle lakes and rivers, too.

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Music in the Louisiana Delta

In the Louisiana Delta our past and present heritage are conveyed through music. Because our music venues are best toured at night, we want you to begin your travels by visiting some of the attractions of the region.

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